Merlo Telehandlers – Best in Class!
Imperial Crane is excited to introduce the company’s new fleet of Merlo telehandlers, a revolutionary “four-in-one” rotating forklift that has garnered a “huge response” from customers. Imperial is now an official dealer in Louisiana, Texas, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. Although Imperial Crane has utilized many different brands of telehandlers in its 47 years of business,  Merlo’s product stands out from the competition in numerous ways. Merlo is on of the most versatile pieces of equipment which is Best in Class compared to the competition. Merlo’s telehandler is among the first rotating forklifts to feature a side-mount on the engine rather than under the boom. This allows the operator to achieve 360-degree visibility by dropping the boom into a low-profile position, eliminating the obvious safety hazard of blind spots. The Merlo caters to all of your construction needs like excavation, truck loading, lifting and handling loads of tools, supplies and materials or lifting operators to the work area. It is similar in appearance and function to a forklift but is more like a crane, aerial lift, loader, and man lift, with the increased versatility of a single telescopic boom that can extend forwards and upwards from the vehicle. With the use of a telehandler, it reduces job site operating time and cost with its pick and carry capability. If replacement parts are needed, these  can be acquired within 48 hours which reduces lost time on the job.

Call and reserve yours today. Available for purchase or rent on a daily, weekly or for long term projects.

Jeff Bohne

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Why Choose Merlo?

Telescoping material handlers are powerful, adaptable, and versatile; these machines are becoming more common on job sites and yards with every passing day. Their adaptability with numerous attachments such as forks, man baskets, buckets, fly-jibs, winches, and more, enable them to replace multiple units which allows contractors to reduce fleet size and increase efficiency and utilization.

pc信誉大群10元起Merlo stands out as the leader in the field having invented the rotating telehandlers in 1990, and having many other firsts in the industry such as moving away from rear mounted engines to side mounted engines, improving cooling and serviceability.

The U.S. market consist of 20 different models with lift capacities ranging between 19 feet and 96 feet with load capacities between 5,500 lbs. to 26,500 lbs. Merlo offers a wide variety of models with both a fixed and rotating chassis.
Hydraulic & Electronics in the Boom
All of the electronic cables & hydraulic hoses are housed inside of the boom and are protected from accidental damage and environmental conditions.
Cycle Speeds
Merlo has load sensing hydraulics which improve operational precision and productivity on the job site.
Cab Design
  Merlo has the largest cab in its class (3’-3” wide) with 360º visibility and comes standard with Heat/AC. The operator friendly design features pneumatic suspension seats, upgraded soundproof material, and easy to reach, intuitive and precise controls.
Merlo’s MERlin (Merlo Local Interactive Network) provides a completely new way to automatically manage all operating parameters and safety functions; the MCSS (MERlin Continuous Slew Safe-ty) system manages the load diagram to suit stabilizer positions chosen by the operator, in real time (66 times a second), ensuring safe and efficient operation.
Merlo features a solid steel bar around the entire machine “Ring of Steel”, eliminating the need for a counterweight and resulting in increased stability, protection, and a more robust chassis.
Parts Availability
U.S. and local based support, as Imperial Crane will be stocking many of the parts here locally.
Boom Design
Merlo’s Heavy Duty boom is characterized by having almost no flex. Its buttonhole de-sign and large overlapping of sections allow the boom to bend upwards when totally extended, not the opposite.

Why Choose Merlo?